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07th Apr 2018

Coronation Sreet fans all said the same thing about Jack Shepherd’s performance last night

Jade Hayden


If you haven’t been following Coronation Street’s latest male rape storyline, let us get you up to date on what’s been happening.

Last month, David Platt was drugged and raped by newcomer Josh Tucker.

Understandably, this led to a lot of intense scenes with actor Jack P Shepherd as David struggled to cope with his assault and his subsequent run-ins with his rapist.

Last night, this intensity came to the fore when David told Josh that he was going to go to the police about what happened.

Josh told him that he believed David was secretly gay and that he knew he wouldn’t do anything because the pair had just “messed around.”

He then continued to attack David later on, saying: “Didn’t say owt, did you? Course you didn’t and you never will.”

David then made his way to the salon where he broke down and attempted to cut himself with a pair of scissors.

He then threw them across the room instead and started screaming as the episode ended.

Naturally, viewers were very impressed with Shepherd’s performance.

Raw and emotive, it portrayed the intense pain that David has been grappling with for weeks following the assault, and his need for any form of release from this pain.

Fans took to Twitter to praise Shepherd, with some calling him “the best soap actor” working at the moment.