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14th Oct 2021

Comedian’s Robin Williams impression has fans calling for a full-length film

Charlie Herbert

Fans calling for Robin Williams biopic after clip of performer playing him goes viral

The five-minute video portrays the moment Williams learnt about the death of a friend

Fans are calling for a biopic to be made of Robin Williams’ life after a clip of actor Jamie Costa playing the comedian went viral.

Costa’s portrayal of Williams is uncanny and it isn’t the first time he’s shown his ability to impersonate the Mrs Doubtfire star.

In 2015, he shared a tribute to the legendary comedian a few months after his death in August. In that clip, he delivered his own version of some of Williams’ most loved characters.

The video is titled ‘ROBIN Test Footage Scene’ and features Costa as Williams on the set of the classic sitcom Mork & Mindy. When his co-star Pam Dawber – portrayed here by Sarah Murphree – breaks the news to him that comedian and friend John Belushi has died, Costa’s Williams struggles to take in this sad turn of events.

Williams and Robert De Niro were among the last people to see the Saturday Night Live legend alive. He died in 1982 of a drug overdose.

You can see the full clip below:

One fan tweeted: “I am at a loss of words of how extraordinary this is. Jamie Costa encapsulates the essence of Robin Williams so perfectly that this ‘fan footage’ for a proposed biopic is a clear sign this truly needs to happen.”

Another writes: “The real good thing about this test footage is it shows that Jamie Costa is a very good actor, not just a good impressionist. I say give him the $$ to make it.”

A third said: “I swear he’s channelling Robin Williams.”

If anyone deserved a movie about their life, it would surely be Robin Williams.

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