Cinema flouts covid ban to show covid conspiracy film 4 months ago

Cinema flouts covid ban to show covid conspiracy film

The film was by the son of one of the UK's most infamous conspiracy theorists

A cinema in Swansea has flouted current covid restrictions to not only open up but screen a movie directed by the son of one of the UK's most infamous conspiracy theorists.


Cinema & Co in Wales was forced to close its doors in early November after its owner Anna Redfern refused to ask customers for their covid vaccination pass upon entry, claiming it was an "infringement of our human rights."

However the 45-year-old cinema operator didn't stop there. As reported by the BBC, Redfern not only continued to keep the cinema open - but even held the premiere for a documentary helmed by the son of controversial media personality David Icke.

Author, presenter and former football broadcaster Icke - perhaps best known for his wild conspiracy theories which span everything from messages from the spirit world to the Royal Family secretly being lizards in disguise - has long made headlines for his outlandish - and unfounded - theories.


Still, this didn't stop Redfern from screening A Good Death? - the documentary created by Icke's son Jaymie which allegedly promotes unfounded allegations against the NHS and its doctors and nurses.

Described as "completely false", "pernicious" and even "dangerous" by the Center for Countering Digital Hate's head of research, the movie reportedly even suggests that NHS staff were deliberately killing elderly people in order to provide false covid fatality numbers and higher daily death rates.

According to the BBC, the screening came shortly after Redfern received a £15,00o fine and an attempted prison sentence for contempt of court.

"If the BBC has any concerns regarding the content of the documentary's premiere we screened A Good Death? I suggest that they discuss them with the production company," Redfern told BBC Wales.


"Firstly, Cinema & Co does not practise censorship.

"Secondly, caring for my mother at the end of her life and reflecting upon my own mortality, I have given a great deal of consideration as to what constitutes a 'good death' and found the film very thought provoking."

Four nights before screening A Good Death?, Redfern reopened her cinema after a court-ordered closure with a screening of the Tim Allen Christmas movie The Santa Claus - inadvertently staging one of the weirdest re-opening double-bills in recent cinema history.

Despite not providing any evidence to back her statements, Cinema & Co's media spokeswoman Jacquelyn Haley has taken to social media to share more outlandish claims - some of which include 5G being responsible for covid, vaccines causing more deaths than the virus itself and that the pandemic was in fact masterminded by - you guessed it - Microsoft founder Bill Gates.


Our money would've been on Clippy. There's just something about that knowing little smirk of his.

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