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25th May 2019

Charles Dance says what he wanted to see in Game of Thrones finale

Paul Moore

When Tywin Lannister speaks, you listen

As always, spoilers are coming.

“Any man who must say ‘I am the King’ is no true king” – Tywin Lannister.

Whenever Tywin Lannister opened his mouth in Game of Thrones, every single viewer perked up because the head of House Lannister was one of the shrewdest and most ferocious players in the game of thrones.

As various character noted, Tywin kept his house in power through sheer force of will and any man that could make Cersei marry against her will, tame Joffrey’s worst impulses, and go toe-to-toe with Tyrion (before most of his plans started to fail) is an absolute tour de force.

While some people might define Tywin as a villain – he did orchestrate The Red Wedding in conjunction with the Boltons and Freys – there’s no denying that you would want him on your side if you’re drawing up war plans and strategies.

Sadly, lust got the better of him and he died on the shitter after Tyrion caught him having sex with his girlfriend, Shae, before firing crossbow bolts into his chest.


Anyway, aside from owning one of the greatest voices of all time, Dance has been a busy man lately and he was a guest on Good Morning Britain to chat about his role in his new film, Godzilla: King of the Monsters.

Naturally, the conversation turned to Game of Thrones and  Dance said that he was “confused” by the ending.

He said: “I was confused. I have watched as much as I can. I wanted to know what was happening to these characters. We come to the big last series, we come to the very end and I thought, ‘Hmm, OK. There’s little Arya going off on a cruise somewhere, poor Jon’s gone back up north, beyond The Wall and then there is Tyrion.

“And all the people left alive are sort of sat around the table going, ‘So well, what are we going to do now, shall we have a cup of tea or something?’ And I thought, ‘Ah, I don’t know’.”

At this point, Kate Garraway interjected and asked Dance about his preference to see Tyrion ending up on the Iron Throne.

“Me personally, yes,” is what Dance said.

Despite the fact that he died at the hands of his own on-screen son, it’s nice to see that Tywin Lannister is still defending the interests of House Lannister.

What a character.

You can look at the whole interview here.