Brewer ages his beer with Wu-Tang Clan beats 6 years ago

Brewer ages his beer with Wu-Tang Clan beats

What's the best way to age a beer? One brewer might just have the perfect answer.

Well, it's certainly an answer, anyway.


Vince Desrosiers, head brewer at Dock Street in Philadelphia, has been serenading his cask of ale by playing Wu-Tang Clan on a loop.

Those classic grimy New York sounds of RZA, ODB, Method Man and the gang are played 24/7 to Vince's beer through an iPod.

For the hip-hop flavour, obviously.


But what sounds like a shameless gimmick might actually have some merit, according to the brewer.

Although playing rap music to beer started out as a joke, the brewers believe the vibrations from the bass could help move the yeast around in the brew and bring out different flavours.

We like your style Vince. We like your style...

H/T: Eater