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14th Aug 2015

Breaking Bad star blasts Donald Trump’s “terrible ideas”

Tom Victor

Bryan Cranston knows a bit about terrible ideas after some of the self-inflicted pain suffered by his character Walter White on Breaking Bad.

And “terrible ideas” are exactly what the actor has accused US Presidential candidate Donald Trump of having.

Speaking on the Nerdist podcast, Cranston opined:

“[Trump] would be a horrible president, but there’s something great about his I-don’t-give-a-s— attitude that really kind of keeps others honest.”


There’s even a pretty decent impression of Trump towards the end of the podcast, and you can hear Cranston’s efforts from 1:16:00 on the video below.

With Breaking Bad starting to influence real life events, it was perhaps only a matter of time before its stars decided to have their say on hot topics like this.