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20th Oct 2017

Brand new Peaky Blinders trailer teases the fate of Alfie Solomons

Paul Moore

The season premiere is “the best one” yet.

As the season premiere of Peaky Blinders draws closer, audiences can’t wait to get reacquainted with their beloved characters but only one man can rival Tommy Shelby in terms of cunning and danger, Alfie Solomons.

When he’s not cursing, intimidating people or showing off his finest jewellery, Tom Hardy’s gang leader is always looking for an edge over his nearest rivals, and as fans of the show will know, there’s plenty of tension between Alfie and the Peaky Blinders.

At the end of Season 3, the meeting between Tommy and Alfie wasn’t exactly a smooth one.

As both men met to arrange the sale of some Faberge eggs, Tommy pointed a gun at Alfie’s head and said that he ‘crossed the line’ by causing his son to be kidnapped.

After a brief scrap, Micheal then shoots Alfie’s bodyguard in the head as their fractured alliance seems like it’s finished. This being said, it appears that a temporary peace has been made, but how long will it last?

The latest teaser trailer should get fans even more excited about the return of Peaky Blinders.

Clip via – BBC First Australia

While no premiere date has been given just yet, we already know what the plot is about.

December 1925. Tommy Shelby OBE (Cillian Murphy) has acquired unprecedented legitimacy. The former gangster is also a man alone, estranged from his family and focussed only on business. But when he receives a mysterious letter on Christmas Eve, Tommy realises that the Shelbys are in danger of annihilation.

As the enemy closes in, Tommy flees his country house and returns to the only safe place he knows: Small Heath, Birmingham, the slum where he grew up.

In a recent interview with The Upcoming, Helen McCrory (Polly) said that the first episode “is the best one we’ve done” and after seeing the first trailer, it’s clear that Steven Knight has upped the violence and intrigue.

We can’t wait!