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08th Feb 2018

Bradley Walsh posts hilarious video begging for collaboration with Stormzy

James Dawson

He posted the video to his 300k Instagram followers.

Of course, it’s impossible to pinpoint the exact moment that Bradley Walsh went from ‘that bloke who presents The Chase’ to something of a national treasure.

Maybe it was the infamous Fanny Chmelar video. Maybe it was when he became the best selling debut artist of 2016, despite being middle-aged and unable to sing. Or maybe – if you refuse to believe either of those things quite got him to ‘bang him on a postage stamp’ legend status – it was when he decided to create an Instagram account.

Despite having only been using the social media platform for a couple of weeks and uploading 16 images, he’s already amassed a following of over 300,000.

And, to be fair, you can hardly complain about the content.

First he made headlines when he uploaded a picture of his son, who lo and behold looks the spitting image of him, then he rinsed Holly Willoughby’s #PersonalBrand. Now in a hilarious new video he’s begged grime artist Stormzy for a collaboration.

Watch it here:

“Come on Stormzy old love !!!” Walsh writes. “You don’t ring , you don’t write where’s my collab ??”

Boy oh boy, it seems that the Bradley banter train just keeps on rolling down the track.