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25th Jan 2018

Bradley Walsh posted a picture of his son and he looks exactly like him

James Dawson

The apple has not fallen far from the tree.

It’s a little known fact that Bradley Walsh, best known as the presenter on ITV’s The Chase, was the best selling debut artist of 2016.

His album Chasing Dreams faired better than Zayn Malik and Blossoms, who also released their first albums that year – thanks in no small part by the fact he is beloved by pensioners up and down the country.

A renaisance man through and through, when he’s not topping the charts, or leaving viewers in stitches at his reaction to quiz show questions, he also finds time to absolutely smash it on social media.

He posted his  first ever snap on Instagram on Thursday morning, uploading a hungover selfie after the National Television Awards to his near 200,000 followers. Big numbers.

But his next post has really had people talking.

He uploaded an image of him and his son from Tuesday’s award ceremony and people can’t get over the resemblance between the two.

As you can see, he also added a very wholesome caption to the pic. Let’s just hope he found his shoe in the end.