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28th Sep 2016

Bookies are convinced Oasis are going to reform next year

Are Oasis feeling supersonic again?

Matt Tate

It’s going to happen eventually – it’s just a case of when.

Now, admittedly the frequently feuding Gallagher brothers have given no indication themselves that an Oasis reunion is in the works.

A cryptic tweet from Liam a few months ago, that many fans took as some sort of clue that the band might be thinking about giving it another shot, was very quickly shot down by the tambourine-chewing frontman. And as for Noel, well, he said he could be tempted into one gig…for £20 million.

In truth it doesn’t look like the pair are any closer to patching things up and getting on with the job of effortlessly selling out every venue in the country (because many people remain convinced that a pissed up Wonderwall singalong will always be the pinnacle of human experience).

BUT, if the bookmakers are to be believed, the volatile Mancunian heroes might be just be kidding us on with their sibling scrapping.

Oasis are about to release a documentary reflecting on their career at its astronomic peak, and in October they’re reissuing 1997 classic ‘Be Here Now’.

It feels like they’re building up to something, and for this reason bookies say punters are lumping their cash on a 2017 reunion.

As reported by NME, bookmakers Betway have next year as the most likely window for the announcement. Perhaps they’d double up on tour with fellow Manchester heroes The Stone Roses, who yesterday announced their own 2017 gigs.

The bucket hat supply would almost certainly buckle under the demand if that was to materialise.

Betway’s Alan Ager said: “The betting suggests that 2017 is the most likely year for Oasis to get back together at 5/4. But with the band’s biopic set to be released next month, some might say that our offer of 3/1 for Oasis to reform by the end of this year is good value.”

Winter might be on its way, but you might want to start rehearsing your very best Gallagher-esque “sunshiiiiiiiiiine”.

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