Black Mirror season six is already on its way to Netflix - and fans are losing it 1 month ago

Black Mirror season six is already on its way to Netflix - and fans are losing it

The past couple years have felt a bit like a Black Mirror episode, to be honest

Fans of one of Netflix's biggest shows are over the moon as Black Mirror season six is in the works and casting is already underway. Scenes.


As per an exclusive by Variety, Charlie Brooker's hit anthology show is set to return to your screens for its sixth series in the near future, though no release date has yet been hinted at.

However, a source close to the production says that the next instalment will have more episodes than the previous series (which only featured three - albeit longer - entries) and will be "even more cinematic in scope".


Writer, presenter and satirist Brooker created the original show for Channel 4 back in 2011 but since being bought by the streaming giant, his level of involvement has been debated.

Moreover, having left the production company House of Tomorrow (initially backed by distributors Endemol Shine)it remains unclear how connected to this next series he will be.

Regardless, fans still seemed to be thrilled that the show is returning after an extended break, with season five having dropped all the way back in 2019.



More recent episodes of the dystopian alternate reality satire have often exceeded the usual hour-long-ish runtime for a TV drama but by the sounds of things, the team working on this latest series will be treating each episode as its own feature-length movie.

As far as names connected to the project, it's too early for us to know who might be involved, but we know the show has a history of attracting some serious talent. Beyond that, neither Netlfix nor Banijay Rights - the company that bought out Endemol Shine - are yet to confirm these reports.

Plus, given the way life has been going in the past couple of years since its absence, it's fair to say the writers will have plenty of real-world context to draw from in the past couple of years.


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