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13th Sep 2022

BBC to air Paddington films in honour of the Queen ahead of and on day of funeral

Steve Hopkins

Authorities have had to ask people to stop leaving teddy bears and marmalade sandwiches at London tribute sites

The BBC will air both Paddington films later this week in honour of the Queen’s life, it was confirmed on Tuesday.

Queen Elizabeth II died peacefully in Balmoral last Thursday, aged 96, with her eldest son, King Charles III, succeeding her on the throne.

A short time after the BBC’s announced her passing Paddington tweeted a simple thank you, that really hit home for a lot of people.

“Oh god, that’s the one that did it,” replied one Twitter user, while another echoed the same sentiment by posting: “I hadn’t cried until just now. I suspect I’m not alone.”

The post also reminded people that the beloved bear and the late monarch featured in a rather touching skit, shortly before her Platinum Jubilee Concert earlier this year.

The Queen’s bond with the bear has become so symbolic in the aftermath of her passing that authorities have had to ask mourners not to leave teddy bears and marmalade sandwiches at London tribute sites.

The BBC announced that there will be ‘special broadcasts’ of the first and second Paddington films on Saturday September 17 and Monday September 19, the day of the Queen’s state funeral.

The first film, which came out in 2014 and sees Ben Whishaw voice Paddington, will air at 7pm on Saturday on BBC One and BBC iPlayer. The sequel, which premiered in 2017, will air at 6.50pm on Monday.

Earlier this week, Royal Parks requested that non-floral objects not be left in London’s royal parkland.

King Charles III was officially proclaimed the new monarch on during his Accession Council ceremony on Saturday, the first time the event had ever been televised.

His wife, Camilla, the former Duchess of Cornwall, is now the Queen Consort.

The Queen’s coffin on Tuesday is being flown from Edinburgh to RAF Northolt, before being transported 15 miles to Buckingham Palace.

The Queen’s coffin will rest in the Bow Room at Buckingham Palace overnight, before being taken to the Palace of Westminster on Wednesday afternoon.

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