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13th Sep 2022

BBC savagely mocked for sharing tweet that Paddington Bear is not real amid Queen tributes

Tobi Akingbade

Glad that’s cleared up

A BBC presenter has been mocked after declaring that Paddington Bear is fictional after the reporter shared insight into the Queen’s much-loved  Platinum Jubilee performance with her furry friend.

The sketch saw the late monarch and Paddington have a tea party as he wished her a “lovely Jubilee” as she celebrated her 70th year on the throne earlier this year.

Her Majesty and Paddington pulled their Marmalade sandwiches as the iconic British character said: “Thank you… for everything” after he turned up for tea at the Palace.

Much like the the Queen’s James Bond sketch during the London Olympics in 2012, the heartwarming clip has been played endlessly before and after her death last week.

So much so that mourners have been leaving marmalade sandwiches at royal sites in order to pay tribute to the Queen. This has led to calls for people to stop doing so.

“In the interests of sustainability, we ask visitors to only lay organic or compostable material,” officials have said.

But the BBC commentator had an even more interesting take, he said: “Can I just add something about the Paddington Bear skit that we’ve all seen?

“We should remember that she acted that in an empty space. It wasn’t the real Paddington there, even though it looked like it.

“She acted out what she would say to Paddington and then the CGI experts went in and animated a Paddington image for her!”

Shortly after it was aired the clip circulated on Twitter with viewers acting completely bewildered after hearing the news.

One joker replied: “Explains a lot. I heard they hated each other so much they couldn’t be on set together and had to film their parts separately.”

Someone else said: “What’s next, she didn’t /actually/ parachute into the Olympics with James Bond?”

“So, they’re saying Paddington is dead too?,”another person mockingly posted.

A fourth user took things further and posting: “I think they mean their busy schedules didn’t allow them both to be on the set at the same time, so they filmed each separately and spliced the footage. No big deal. But what’s the nonsense about ‘a Paddington’? Just ‘Paddington'”

What next the Tooth fairy is fake too? Surely not.

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