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28th Feb 2019

10 TV show mashups we’d like to see on the new Britbox service

The Only Way Is Casualty!

Ciara Knight

BritBox – Boxes For Brits!

The BBC and ITV are uniting at last, like parents that divorced when you were born, but have decided to reunite now, as you enter your fortieth year on this earth and have long mourned their separation.

They’ve set up BritBox in a bid to rival Netflix, by streaming shows from both stations. Basically, it’s the TV world’s equivalent of your ex upping their Instagram output six years after the breakup in a bid to win you back. You’ve moved on, but still enjoy watching the desperation unfold. It’s funny.

Anyway, with longterm rivals BBC and ITV finally joining forces, there’s a lot of what-ifs, the main one being – what if they merged their TV shows to create a series of SuperShows?

We’re all thinking it. Deep down, somewhere. It’s there.

Let’s just see how it would feel, for banter.

A group of comedians play detectives in the town of Midsomer, solving the suspiciously plentiful murders that occur specifically during the middle of the summer.


Mrs. Brown and her family members sit down and eat a takeaway together on a Saturday night. That’s it. It is not funny.


A group of pesky midwives,Harry Hill included, frame a bunch of local youths for a series of petty crimes.


Hopefuls must answer a series of increasingly difficult questions to be in with a chance of joining the Peaky Blinders gang.


The patients at Holby City must prove their worth by impressing the judges with their various talents in a bid to receive lifesaving treatments to cure their ailments.


Sergeant David Budd tasks hopefuls with guessing the correct price of various items in a bid to win some money. Plot twist: He is wearing an explosive vest the entire time.


Jessica Fletcher dances her way to solving a series of murders. The dancing is irrelevant to the cases, it just helps her focus.


Jools Holland drinks loads of beer, watches telly, talks about women and basically just wastes his life away all the while sat atop a piano, topless.


Amateur chefs must prepare ITV’s Lorraine into a tasty meal that impresses the judges enough to give them the golden wooden spoon trophy.


Gemma Collins single-handedly operates an A&E department filled to the brim with people that injured themselves due to their varying levels of stupidity.



Images via ITV / BBC