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23rd May 2018

Bad Lip Reading at the royal wedding is just glorious viewing

Alan Loughnane

These never get old…

Did you watch the Royal Wedding? Well, if you didn’t then it’s a lot more fun to watch it unfold through the magic of Bad Lip Reading.

Millions of people from around the world tuned in to watch the marriage of Prince Harry to Meghan Markle.

There’s been plenty of attempts to decipher what exactly people were saying to one another during the Royal Wedding and we’re pretty sure that the video below is the most accurate you’ll find.

Featuring Harry speaking about how many animals he has killed in his life, to William calling them puppets (not completely untrue), some very questionable singing and a priest quizzing the bride and groom about Harry Potter.

You’ll also need to watch the entire video so you don’t miss the Bishop’s new sermon about hot dogs, we reckon it’s as good as the actual sermon he gave on Saturday.

Video via Bad Lip Reading