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02nd Feb 2023

Audience left in shock after Simon Cowell is set on fire by masked contestant

Jack Peat

There were screams of terror as he took part in the stunt 

Terrified audience members watched as Simon Cowell was set alight by a masked performer during a Britain’s Got Talent audition this week, according to reports.

The music and TV mogul, who voluntarily took part in the act, had no idea his head was going to be engulfed in flames, nor did the audience who screamed in terror.

He took to stage where his head was covered with a black hood and was placed inside a box before dousing him with lighter fluid.

The performer then dropped a lit match into the box and the hood went up in flames.

One member told the Mirror: “The audience screamed, judges were out of their seats screaming, everyone was totally stunned. The flames were put out and Simon got up looking a bit shell-shocked while the rest of the judges breathed a sigh of relief as he returned to the panel.”

Cowell made his way back to the judges table after the lucky escape.

He said: “I could feel liquid being poured on me but I had no idea it was lighter fluid!”

His co-star Alesha Dixon praised his bravery, while Bruno Tonioli compared it to a scene from horror franchise Saw.

It comes days after we revealed the show had been plunged into chaos after new judge Bruno pressed his “Golden Buzzer” for a second time — and admitted he has never seen the show before.

The ex-Strictly Come Dancing judge had no idea the button, which sends hopefuls straight from audition to the live finals, could only be used once — and reacted to audience chants to send the incredible act through.

Producers were sent into a panic over whether to allow the contestant through, or to cancel Bruno’s over-excitable intervention — with show boss Simon Cowell locked in a heated discussion with the head of production company Fremantle over what to do.

Eventually, they sent the guy through.

A source said: “It was madness. The buzzer worked but there was no glitter in the cannon above the stage as it had already been used up.

“A producer raced over to try to tell Bruno he couldn’t do that.

“Then there were discussions with the top execs and Simon, who had his head in his hands.

“Then Bruno said he’d never actually watched before!

“Apparently it was because he didn’t want to be influenced by other shows’ judging styles.

“But he’s the big money new signing! Fortunately the audience love him and just laugh at his blundering.”

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