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18th Jun 2015

Arnold Schwarzenegger records Terminator voice for in-car GPS app (Video)

'Turn left in 200 yards, if you want to live'...

Ben Kenyon

If like us, you’ve ever been driving around pretending you’re in the movie Terminator, then this is the app for you…

No more listening to the monotonous tones of your sat-nav’s patronising default voice.

From here on in, it’ll be Arnold Schwarzenegger’s cyborg character barking catchprase-laden directions at you when you’re nipping down the shops.

Arnie has lent his famous Terminator voice and classic one-liners to Wave’s GPS app ahead of the release of Terminator: Genisys this summer.

App users can download the package for free on Android and IOS. Yes, for free.

Obviously you can expect lines like: “I’m looking for Sarah Connor, but we can go to your destination first”, “My mission is to protect you – accident ahead!” and “You have reached your destination. Hasta la vista, baby!”

You’ll be lost without it.

H/T The Guardian