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06th Sep 2021

Aquaman faces boycott threats as fans demand Amber Heard is removed from movie

Kieran Galpin

Amber Heard

Aquaman fans are threatening to boycott the film unless Amber Heard is removed from it

Almost two million people have signed a petition calling for Amber Heard to be removed from Aquaman 2 following the fallout of her court case with ex-husband Johnny Depp.

The petition, ‘Remove Amber Heard from Aquaman 2’ has been signed by 1,861,569 people and aims to secure 3 million signatories.

It suggests details revealed during Depp’s $50 million lawsuit, mean Heard has a case of domestic violence to answer.

The petition urges Warner Brothers and DC Entertainment to remove Heard from their Aquaman 2, saying “men are victims of domestic abuse, just like women”.

Meanwhile, Rotten Tomatoes has released an image of Jason Mamoa clad in a new costume they have labelled as a stealth suit. Though the post itself had nothing to do with Heard, social media was quick to bring up the developing situation.

“If Amber Heard is still in this movie then Waner wasted millions of dollars because nobody’s gonna watch this,” wrote one person.

Though no official statement has been released, fans are also questioning why Mamoa has not spoken about the situation.

With the film already in production, the likelihood of Heard being removed seems unlikely.

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