Anna Maxwell Martin responded to theory that Patricia Carmichael is ‘H’ 1 year ago

Anna Maxwell Martin responded to theory that Patricia Carmichael is ‘H’

The Line of Duty actress appeared on This Morning to discuss the 'H' theory

During her appearance on ITV's This Morning, the Line of Duty actress Anna Maxwell Martin ruled out a fan theory which links Patricia Carmichael to the enigmatic "H".


The actress returned to our screens last Sunday for the BBC drama as Patricia Carmichael reappeared to take over anti-corruption team AC-12, after Superintendent Ted Hastings was forced to take his retirement early.

After last night's episode, viewers thought that there were several clues which led them to believe that Detective Chief Superintendent Patricia Carmichael could be "H", the leader of the OCG.

The long-running theory was sparked once again during Joanne Davidson's interview, in which Carmichael was hesitant to discuss organised crime. Fans also noticed that her character tapped her pen four times in quick succession during the same interview.


Viewers believed in the theory that this was an Easter egg hinting that Carmichael is the mysterious "H" in morse code, with the code initially being used to name "H" by Detective Inspector Dot Cottan when he was shot dead.

Maxwell Martin appeared on This Morning today and was questioned by the show's co-hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield over her character's pen tapping during the all-important interview scene.

After showing a clip from the interrogation scene, Schofield said: “That’s ‘H’ in morse code!”


Maxwell Martin, who appeared on the show virtually, began to laugh at his response.

The Line of Duty star said: "I think I was just bored, because those scenes are very long."

She continued: "I think I was just like 'what am i saying next?" as she mimicked the tapping action for the show's co-hosts.

The final episode of this season's Line of Duty is on 2 May at 9pm.