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16th Jun 2018

Amazing news, as Rick and Morty season four has already started production

Wil Jones

GET SWIFTY! I’M PICKLE RICK! And other various famous sayings

Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty has gone from cult oddity to mainstream success over the last year or so. It had always had a devoted fanbase, but when the third season hit, it became a full-blown phenomenon. Someone, this dirty versions of Back To The Future seems like the biggest animated show since South Park, and you can now get Rick and Morty Cluedo in HMV.

After all that, you’d think they’d want to get the next season out ASAP. But the announcement about season four was somewhat drawn out, until finally it was confirmed that the show had been renewed for another 70 episodes.

And while that was excellent news, we weren’t expecting them anytime soon. There were two years between seasons one and two, and then another two years between two and three. And the last episode of season three even ended with a direct message to camera telling fans not to hold their breath.

But maybe we shouldn’t worry – co-creator Justin Roiland spoke to Polygon this week, and he had some very positive things to say:

“We‘re super excited that, for the first time ever, we’re locked in, we know what the future is, we have job security.

[Dan] Harmon is in great spirits, we have a great writer’s room. We want the episodes to stay good, but we do also want to try to turn them around a little quicker now that we have this big order, I think it gives us the ability to be faster.

We’re not going to do these long breaks, these chasms in between seasons anymore. We’re going to schedule vacation time and just keep the machine going. It’s going to be really cool.”

He didn’t give any details about what’s going to happen in season four, but he did add:

“It’s exciting, it’s a little surreal. Even just being in the writers room for half the day every day this week, the ideas are … it’s going to be great.”

Hear that? They’re in the writer’s room. It’s actually happening.