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08th Apr 2017

Alec Baldwin takes a very personal dig at Harrison Ford

Paul Moore

There’s bad blood between them.

At the present moment, Alec Baldwin is something of an ‘enemy’ to the most powerful man in the world.

Yes, the actor does an amazing impression of the US President and refuses to stop parodying Donald Trump, but this isn’t the first time that the star of The Departed and Glengarry Glen Ross has annoyed a world leader.

Remember Team America?

Baldwin has rarely been shy about expressing his opinion, but in his new memoir, Nevertheless, the actor wasn’t exactly secretive about the contempt that he holds for Harrison Ford.

As you might know, Ford replaced Baldwin as Jack Ryan following The Hunt For Red October and it’s clear that the star of 30 Rock and Beetlejuice still holds a grudge.

As Baldwin writes in his book,  he had no idea that he was being ousted from the Tom Clancy franchise, and Ford was distinctly unsympathetic to his situation.

“John (McTiernan,the director) told me he spoke with Ford and asked if he was aware that Paramount was in active negotiation with me,” Baldwin writes. “Ford’s reply, according to John, was ’Fuck him.’”

Years later, Baldwin met the star of Indiana Jones and gave a very unflattering description in the memoir.

Baldwin writes I realized then that the movies really do enhance certain actors, making them seem like something they really aren’t at all. Ford, in person, is a little man, short, scrawny, and wiry, whose soft voice sounds as if it’s coming from behind a door.”

We wonder if Harrison Ford will respond to this remark like he did in Bruno.

Clip via – DisasterRain