Alan Shearer's Euro 96 documentary gave us intense waves of nostalgia 5 years ago

Alan Shearer's Euro 96 documentary gave us intense waves of nostalgia

Last night we lived Euro '96 all over again.

The goals. The chants. The slightly naff England away kit (that was grey because someone at the FA reckoned it'd look better with jeans).


The summer of amazing football. 'Three Lions'. Gazza's goal and of course, the grim inevitability of penalties.

Last night, the BBC aired a wonderful documentary - Alan Shearer's Euro 96: When Football Came Home - as the former England striker got key members of the England Euro 96 squad together for a brew and a chat about one of the best football tournaments in recent memory.

(Here's a weird thing: writing this knowing some of our readers won't remember Euro 96. Or maybe weren't even born when it happened.)


The charming documentary can be viewed here on BBC iPlayer until June 30. Here's what people on social media made of the #euro96rewind.


The BBC laid on a buffet of archive footage from the tournament, proving looks of the heady days of Des Lynam and Jimmy Hill punditry.


In among all the nostalgia, Shearer, Venables, Sheringham, Ince and more offer up wonderful insights into English football in 1996. Baddiel & Skinner were on hand to tell us where Shearer was when he was offered a starring role in the 'Three Lions' video (he had to sign a few footballs), and Paul Ince gets revealed as the man who was supposed to take the seventh penalty after Southgate.

It was an excellent watch, making us all think, what could have been...


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