Adult film star Adriana Chechik says she wants to sleep with fans 10 months ago

Adult film star Adriana Chechik says she wants to sleep with fans

The revelation was one of many that saw those in the thread get a little more than excited

During a recent Reddit AMA, adult film star Adriana Chechik revealed that she hopes to sleep with some of her fans in the next three months. She put it in slightly more c0lourful language than that, obviously, but we thought we'd give you one last chance before getting into the NSFW stuff.


In the specific question asked by one particularly interested party, Chechik was asked, "Have you or would you ever bang a fan?", to which the 29-year-old responded as such.

Understandably, the randy Redditors replied in kind with a surplus of enthusiasm:


"So you're saying there's a chance..." Good meme, 7/10.

"Where do I have to send my resume to so I can join."

"Amazing!! How do you sign up for that."

"Is a trip to Belgium also on your 3-month radar? Cause a trip to the US ain't on mine...!"

The first of the lot did make us chuckle, we must admit:


Adriana Chechik is one of the most popular porn stars in the industry today, as well as one of the most decorated, with 16 wins in 54 nominations across various awards ceremonies. Additionally, she boasts 3.2 million followers on Instagram as well as a healthy following on the streaming service, Twitch.

Like many in the industry, Chechik has more recently been using OnlyFans to curate her following as well. Speaking on the Reddit thread, she described the subscription-based service as having "brought a renaissance to porn".

She went on to say: "We are in an era where direct marketing and branding are at our fingertips, which is awesome. I think that newer girls might have a bigger challenge!"


OnlyFans has been championed by many both internally and externally for giving control back to the stars and content creators themselves; however, the debate over whether it is empowering for women, specifically, or whether it acts as yet another brand of precariously positioned sex work rages on.

The London-based company was founded back in 2016 and saw a surge of new users during the pandemic. It is actually reported to be moving away from the adult industry in a bid to garner more advertisers and investment.