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28th Jun 2017

Actress who played Megan refuses to take a side in the Drake vs. Josh feud

It's the most compelling story of the year

Darragh Murphy

You can keep your Kardashian drama. All we want to hear about is what’s going on between Drake and Josh.

The relationship between two of Nickelodeon’s most beloved characters has seemingly soured in recent times and that came to light when Drake Bell, the actor who played Drake, revealed that he’d not been invited to the wedding of his former co-star Josh Peck, who played… you know who he played.

90s kids were left heartbroken by the news that there might be some beef between the pair, whose chemistry was so good on The Amanda Show that it earned them a show of their very own.

Drake & Josh was on the air for three years, four seasons and 57 episodes of what our childish brains perceived as comedy gold.

Some conspiracy theories did the rounds on social media suggesting that Drake perhaps was invited to the nuptials but the invitation was intercepted by none other than Megan.

Those theories remain unconfirmed.

Megan was Drake’s younger sister in the show and regularly interfered in the lives of both title characters.

So who else but the actress who played her, Miranda Cosgrove, to weigh in on the feud.

Well, unfortunately, Cosgrove seemingly didn’t take a side as she was presented with a question about the apparent rift between Josh and Drake (feels wrong putting them in that order).

“I don’t know. I’m just happy for Josh,” Cosgrove told Entertainment Tonight. “I hope he has a good marriage. It’s exciting.

“It’s just crazy that so much time’s passed. So many of my friends who were on Nickelodeon with me are getting married now.”

And while Cosgrove sat on the fence in the argument, perhaps we can read between the lines that she’s slightly leaning towards Drake because, after admitting she wasn’t invited to Josh’s wedding either, she revealed that she’ll be attending Drake’s upcoming birthday party.

“I really only see them once in a while,” Cosgrove added. “I’m going to Drake’s birthday in a few days.”

Don’t you dare sit there and say that this story doesn’t have legs!