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11th Oct 2016

A Toy Story fan theory claims to know who Andy’s mum *really* is

This one has legs

Ben Kenyon

Toy Story is one of those legendary films that you could watch over and over again and never get bored.

But no matter how many times you watch the 90s Pixar classic (or more specially its follow-up, Toy Story 2) you’ve probably not watched it as close as this guy.

Toy Story fan Jon Negroni must have seen the trilogy a million times to notice this tiny but earth-shattering hidden detail.

But it’s led to a rather convincing fan theory about the true identity of Andy’s mum in the film – something we freely admit never even entered our minds.

The one-minute detail that he reckons gives the game away is Andy’s hat. If you notice it looks nothing like Woody’s cowboy hat – the boy’s favourite toy.

Andy's Hat

You might think this is strange and significant – and it is.

Look closely at Jessie’s hat and you can see it’s pretty much exactly the same one.

Andy's Hat

Now unlike Buzz or the other toys, Woody doesn’t know where he came from – although we do find out that he’s been in the family for years, according to Negroni.

However Jessie does remember her previous owners – in Toy Story 2 she recalls how she was heartbreakingly outgrown by  her owner ‘Emily’.

This is where Negroni’s eagle eyes came into play. We see a flashback of Emily’s room and for a moment, on the girl’s bed, there’s a hat which looks exactly the same as Andy’s


The only difference between Emily’s hat and Andy’s hat is the white lace around the centre which is visibly missing on Andy’s.

Another detail he notes is that the room is done up with psychedelic decor, which shows that Emily grew up in the 60s.

You can infer from this that Emily in the present day in Toy Story would certainly be old enough to be a mum. And the fan theory reckons Emily, Jesse’s former owner, is indeed Andy’s mother.

Why? Well Negroni notices that Emily leaves the doll in a donation box at the side of the road, but the hat is visibly absent. He reckons Emily held on to the hat, possibly to pass it on to her child who would grow up to also love a cowboy doll – ANDY

That’s our world well and truly rocked.

Images via Pixar

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