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07th Aug 2017

There’s one key moment that’s defining Jon Snow’s actions with Daenerys

Paul Moore

He knows something.

Much like the inevitability of The Long Night, spoilers are coming.

In terms of leadership, bravery and courage, there are very few characters in Game of Thrones that can match Jon Snow.

This being said, the King in the North does have some weaknesses. He failed to listen to Sansa regarding Ramsay Bolton’s sadistic streak before the Battle of the Bastards and Jon’s decision to broker peace with the Wildlings – although correct and brave – ultimately cost him his life at Castle Black.

Aside from these slight errors of judgement (if you’re being very critical), the former Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch is undoubtedly one of the finest military minds in Westeros because it’s clear that he has learned from the best.

For example, he has been molded by Ned Stark’s loyalty, integrity and skills with a sword. As discussed previously, Jon also has certain traits from his natural father, Rhaegar Targaryen, and he also has a degree of compassion after spending time with Jeor Mormont and Aemon Targaryen at The Wall.

Despite his brooding and grumpy nature, he isn’t exactly dead inside because it’s clear that he loves Ygritte and the Stark family while valuing his friendship with Sam.

All things considered, the King in the North has come a long way from simply being known as ‘the bastard of Winterfell’ but one man that taught him more about leadership was Mance Rayder.

As discussed previously, the issue of Jon Snow bending the knee is fairly clear because he’s an incredibly pragmatic person – especially since he knows that the army of the dead are coming – but Dany is making it clear that she will only support any war against the Night King if swears fealty to her.

It appears that the scene between Jon and Mance Rayder at Castle Black is continuing to dominate proceedings because in a nice throwback, Dany actually reciprocated the exact words that Jon said to the leader of the Wildlings.

Ultimately, Mance Rayder preferred to burn at the stake than accept the authority of Stannis Baratheon, but ti appears that Dany is just as insistent on this act of fealty as Stannis was.

Don;t worry though, we don’t see Jon getting an arrow through his heart!

[S7E4] Same line used in Season 5 Episode 1 from gameofthrones

Here’s the scene in full.

Clip via – Kristina R