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04th Apr 2017

9 iconic movie scenes improved by Melania Trump’s official portrait

Ciara Knight

Look, someone had to do it.

Melania Trump’s first official portrait has been unveiled and, much to our excitement, it’s extremely memeable.

It looks like she’s the firm but fair judge on a new cookery show where contestants have to make an entire roast dinner in 20 minutes, or suffer the consequences of being fed to a pool of hungry and irritable alligators.

As is expected on the internet, let’s give this prime meme material its fully-deserved day in the sun.

12 Angry Men

Or 12 Angry Melanias, if you will.

Finding Nemo

Or finding Memos, if you will. Because of Hillary’s emails or something? I dunno.

Lady and the Tramp

Or Lady and the TRUMP, if you will.

The Shining

Or The Shunning, if you will. Which is what we should all be doing? I dunno.

The Dark Knight

Or The Dark Light, if you will. Because everything is fucked 🙂


Or Gravity, if you will. As in the other meaning, because this entire situation is very grave.


Or Tipanic, if you will. Because we are all in a constant state of panic and unrest 🙂

Harry Potter

Or Marry Copper, if you will. Because that’s what she should’ve done.


Or Avalaugh, if you will. Because that is what this entire Presidential circus is inducing.

**Bonus Melania**

**Bonus bonus Melania**