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09th Nov 2016

6 things with shorter odds than 150/1 shot Donald Trump winning the US election

It's been the year of the underdog.

Tom Victor

The world is still coming to terms with the news that Donald Trump has come out on top in a narrow race for the White House.

Hillary Clinton won more actual votes than the Republican candidate, but Trump secured the 270 electoral votes required to become President.

The 70-year-old was a surprise selection for the GOP, after coming through a congested race to get the nomination ahead of Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush and others.

And, in fact, he was as long as 150/1 to be elected President in the hours and days after announcing that he would run for office.

As we know, those odds aren’t nearly as long as some other things which have come to pass this year – not least 5,000/1-shots Leicester City being crowned champions of England.

However, for a bit of context, here are a few things which are seen as more likely now than Trump’s election was back when he announced his candidacy.

Sir Alex Ferguson being named England manager

The former Manchester United boss is as low as 33/1 with some bookies to take over from interim coach Gareth Southgate, despite being a) retired, b) a proud Scot and c) a man who twice turned down the job on the grounds that it was an ‘impossible’ task.

Manchester United v Chelsea - UEFA Champions LeagueAlex Livesey/Getty Images

David Cameron becoming the UK’s next Prime Minister

Yes, we know politicians have a tendency for returning to the fold against all expectation more than those in other lines of work (cough, Farage, cough), but really? The man who stepped down in the wake of Brexit surely couldn’t be the country’s next leader. Well, with odds between 50/1 and 100/1 depending on where you look, it’s apparently more likely than a Trump premiership was back in the summer of 2015.

David Cameron's Last Day As The UK's Prime MinisterCarl Court/Getty Images

Michael Bublé having this year’s Christmas Number One

Plenty of people will be listening to the Canadian singer in the festive period, be it at family gatherings, work Christmas parties or elsewhere. He’s never had a number one single in the UK, the US, Canada or indeed anywhere, but he’s 50/1 to break his duck in 2016. In fairness, Donald Trump had never held office before and look at him now.

Michael Buble Presents 'Tour Stop 148' - 11th Rome Film FestivalErnesto Ruscio/Getty Images

The United States to win the 2018 World Cup

Trump pledged to ‘Make America Great Again’, but great at football soccer? A World Cup triumph would be breaking new ground – hell, even making the semi-finals would be more of an achievement than ever before. Yet most bookies have priced Jurgen Klinsmann’s side at 66/1 or 80/1.

New Zealand v United StatesPatrick Smith/Getty Images

The Jungle Book to win best picture at the Oscars

Actually we wouldn’t be too upset if this one comes true. An eminently watchable film, with great visuals and a lot of things going for it. We wouldn’t have called it an Oscar contender, at least not in the Best Picture category, and there’s every chance it won’t even be nominated. But hey, it’s only a 33/1 shot with some bookmakers and no one has it longer than 50s.

GettyImages-597913368Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images

Conor McGregor v Eddie Alvarez to end in a draw

The UFC didn’t have a single draw recorded in a title fight until 2011, when Frankie Edgar was defending his lightweight title against Gray Maynard. For it to happen again – especially in a bout involving Conor McGregor, who has seen only two of his 23 career fights go the distance – seems improbable. But apparently not as improbable as a Trump presidency. It’s 100/1 or shorter everywhere you look.

JK-late-UFC-205-McGregor-AlvarezMichael Reaves/Getty Images

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