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03rd Sep 2015

50 Cent took two days to view the mansion he bought from Mike Tyson

In da house...


Imagine having a crib so big, it takes days to get around.

It’s been revealed 50 Cent took two days to visit every room in his house.

The rapper – who declared a whopping electricity bill in his recent bankruptcy filings – bought a 52-room Connecticut property from Mike Tyson in 2003 and says the place is so vast, it feels like a “small hotel”.

He said: “I tried to go into every room and feel out the place. How long did it take? Two days, it’s like a small hotel.

“Did I forget to turn the lights off? When you’ve got a 52-room place, when you don’t use s**t they break because you didn’t use it, so you leave the f***ing lights on.”

The house has 19 bedrooms, a disco, movie theatre, four kitchens, racquetball court, full gym, helipad, tennis courts, staff quarters and five jacuzzis – plus an indoor shooting range.

Because you need to know how to shoot, right?