5 reasons why Liverpool fan Daniel Craig is almost as cool as James Bond himself... 6 years ago

5 reasons why Liverpool fan Daniel Craig is almost as cool as James Bond himself...

Now is as good a time as any to reacquaint ourselves with the badass behind Bond.

There are a lot of cool facts about Daniel Craig that every fan of the films should know. We've compiled some of our favourites below.

He scares the other Bonds

Speaking on Loose Women, Bond legend Roger Moore said that Daniel Craig "looks like a killer."

Moore, who played the uber-iconic spy on seven occasions, also admitted that Craig "frightens [him]". Nevertheless, he says that the current Bond is a great one.

And yes, we do watch Loose Women.

scary craig

He loves video games

Reportedly, Craig was the only cast member of Tomb Raider to actually have played the video games. His favourite in the series was Tomb Raider II starring Lara Croft.

Nothing better than a badass who's a video game geek at heart.

lara croft

He's open-minded about the next Bond

Anthony Horowitz, the man behind brand new Bond novel Trigger Mortis, said that Idris Elba might not be a good fit for the 007 role on account of being "too street" - which sounds a bit ridiculous to us.

Craig's attitude is far more welcoming. The only criterion he has for his successor: 'Don't be sh*t.'

Great advice.

idris elba spinny

He's a Liverpool fan

Oh, you don't think that's cool?

I guess that's just tough luck for you, because James Bond and Austin Powers are both Liverpool fans, so hop on the heli-Kloppter or watch your back.


He uses his powers for good

It always makes us feel good about humanity when people with money, influence and resources commit those things to making the world a better place.

Daniel Craig is the UN's first global advocate for the elimination of mines and explosive hazards, and is also heavily involved with SAFE, a Kenyan charity that uses street theatre to address social issues.

good guy craig

Spectre is released in British cinemas on Monday 26 October. Check out the spy-tastic trailer here:

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