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14th Jun 2018

11 cringe moments from Kim and Kanye’s Celebrity Family Feud appearance

We've watched it so you don't have to. Heroes? Yes, yes we are.

Ciara Knight

We’ve watched it so you don’t have to.

America’s unofficial first lad and lady have gone on Celebrity Family Feud (or Family Fortunes to you and I).

For some reason, seeing Kanye West, King Yeezy, taking part in a gameshow is truly the most uncomfortable experience many of us are ever going to have. The smiles, the giddiness, the hijinks atmosphere, it’s a far cry away from the persona he gives off in every other aspect of his work.

Yet here we are, dissecting what was a very enjoyable time for all involved and an honourable means of fundraising for charity, all in the name of #content.

Here’s 11 cringe moments that deserve recognition.

1. Steve Harvey aggressively shouted ‘Yeezy’ as he smacked Kanye’s hand, thereby letting him know that The Alpha had arrived

2. Kim said that they watch Family Feud every single night, at which point Kanye chimed in with “Gotta have the Feud”

3. The question was “Name a reason why Steve Harvey would be a good kisser” and Kanye buzzed in at lightning fast speed with “LIPS!”

4. Kanye’s horny cousin told Steve Harvey that he had a “sexy bald head”

5. The question was “You’re at a naked party, name someone you’d hate to see there”. Kendall Jenner answered with Donald Trump and Kanye, his best friend, laughed hard

6. Kim and Kanye goaded the Kardashian team because at their very core, they are messy bitches who live for drama

7. The Wests were absolutely fucking livid when they lost and struggled to contain their fury

8. Even though they lost, the Kardashian team allowed Kim and Kanye to play the final round because “it has always been their dream” 

9. Steve: “Name a body part you’re always banging into things…”

Kim: “Your butt”

10. Steve: “On a scale of 1-10, how sexy are you compared to the people you work with”

Kim and Kanye, independent of each other: “10”

11: Kanye’s dorky celebratory dance at winning $25,000 for charity somehow made the whole show worth watching

Images via ABC