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06th Apr 2020

What does a sports commentator do without any sport?

Simon Lloyd

Sports commentators need sport, that’s generally how it works

For most people in the world, a lack of sport is an annoyance. It means not having something to talk about to their friends all the time, or not having spurious rumours to spend too much time reading about.

But for those lucky enough to work in sport, a lack of sport means… well, not having anything to do.

The was the problem confronting Nick Heath, a journalist and sports commentator who had to figure out how to use his particular set of skills with no competitive sport to discuss.

What he created was a little something called Life Commentary, a series in which he commentated on everyday situations like going to the shop and relaxing in the park.

As a result, Nick gained hundreds of thousands of followers and earned himself a write-up in the New York Times. We spoke to him about his endeavour.