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14th Jun 2021

‘Possible’ putting India on red list earlier might have prevented lockdown delay

Kieran Galpin

The Lockdown Delay could have been prevented

The Health minister Edward Argar has spoken to Sky News regarding the Delta Covid variant. He discussed the idea that putting India on the red list sooner might have prevented the variant from transmitting so aggressively within our borders.

Boris Johnson is set to make an announcement this evening, specifically relating to what is being referred to as ‘freedom day’. It is thought that Johnson will extend the lifting of lockdown by four weeks.

The variant is said to be more aggressive, accounting for over 90% of cases in the UK. Sky News had previously stated that the Delta variant was doubling every 4.5 to 11.5 days.

Argar dodged the question multiple times, saying it was merely hypothetical and impossible to know.

“I don’t think that would have necessarily stopped the variant coming,” he reiterated.

However, when pressed again, Argar did say that it is possible the government did not put India on the red list soon enough.