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07th Apr 2020

Fiverr: DIY indoor sports with professional commentary


Admit it, we’ve all done it

When you’re spending an extended period of time indoors, as each and every one of us is doing right now, you do things you wouldn’t normally do. Your day-to-day changes slightly.

With no sporting events taking place bar the reruns being aired on television, this means that many of us will create little games to keep the time ticking over, as well as adding the competitive element to our sport-free lives.

But this can weird doing it by yourself. Not because it’s inherently weird, but because it just doesn’t feel right without the booming voice of a commentator recount the pure and utter panache with which you just launched three consecutive teabags into a mug from six foot back.

Thankfully, we found out about a little website called Fiverr, which connects people in need of specific services with the talented freelancers capable and eager to provide them.

We got some freelance voice over pros to commentate through some of our best home sports, from finger football and golf (with a brush and scrunched up tinfoil), to duck racing and that most hallowed of sports, filling up a glass with water.

But it’s not just commentators or voiceover artists that are on Fiverr. They have more than 300 categories of freelancers for hire, from illustrators to web designers and everything in between.

Grow your business now with Fiverr.