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29th Sep 2020

The global Covid-19 death toll has now passed one million

Conor Heneghan

There have been over 33 million confirmed cases worldwide

The global death toll from Covid-19 has now passed one million, according to live data from Johns Hopkins University.

The milestone has been passed a little over nine months since the first recorded death from the virus on 9 January 2020 in Wuhan in China.

The highest number of confirmed Covid-19 related deaths in any single country/region to date have been recorded in the United States (over 205,000), followed by Brazil (over 142,000), India (over 96,000), Mexico (over 76,000) and the United Kingdom (over 42,000).

There have been over 33 million confirmed cases of the virus worldwide.

According to World Health Organisation (WHO) data, meanwhile, there were 302,277 confirmed cases of Covid-19 in a single day on Monday (28 September).

Daily cases have exceeded 300,000 on just 10 days since the start of the pandemic, all of which have fallen since 9 September.

The highest number of daily cases reported by the WHO to date was 321,540 on 20 September.