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23rd Mar 2021

Australian shares what life is like now country is virtually Covid-free

Charlie Herbert

Warning: this article may induce extreme feelings of jealousy

One of the most depressing things that you can do at the moment is simply watch Australia and New Zealand, second only to watching what’s going on in Europe and here in the UK. Just look at them, on the other side of the world, living their best lives, galavanting around Covid-free worlds.

A video on TikTok is now the latest update from Down Under on how normal life is there, and has racked up over 320,000 views and 44,000 likes. Largely from jealous Europeans and Americans I imagine.

Zac Coonan (Insta: @zaccoonan) posted the video, along with the caption ‘So happy to be able to travel again!!!’ Alright, talk about rubbing it in Zac.

@zaccoonanSo happy to be able to travel again!! ##australia♬ Home – Edith Whiskers

People are walking around without masks on. They’re gathering in large groups. They’re even being offered half-price plane tickets to encourage them to travel, after the government there announced earlier this month that it would be subsidising 800,000 domestic plane tickets to boost the tourism industry.

Let’s not go through every detail of the video though, because to be honest, it’s far too painful. But let’s also not ignore the fact that this could so easily have been a similar case in the UK.

Yes, there are hugely significant factors such as population density and general health and age of population that affect how much each country is affected, but as an island, it is not beyond the realms of possibility that with sharper and more stringent lockdowns, and stricter and more rapid measures surrounding masks and border control, we could be living in world where the return to normality is much closer than June 21st.

As you’d expect the comments are full of residents of other nations where the situation is far bleaker. One user commented “You are sooo blessed,” describing the situation in Canada as a “hot mess.” Another commented: “MEANWHILE IN THE PHILIPPINES… LOCKDOWN SEASON 2.” The caps say it all.

With over 1,700 comments on the video, I’d hazard a guess that almost every nation currently struggling with Covid is represented by at least one person jealous of the Aussies and Kiwis.

Don’t worry though guys, because as of March 29th you can have 6 people at a wedding! A whole six people! And if we’re really lucky, we may be able to enjoy a drink outside in the rain from April 12th. I can almost taste the flat Carling now…