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10th Feb 2020

The comedian finding humour in his dad’s murder

Wil Jones

“An argument ensued, and he ended up strangling my dad then setting him on fire”

In 2011, the father of comedian Chris McGlade was brutally murdered. 77 year-old Terry McGlade was strangled by his friend Malcolm Harland, following an argument. Harland then tried to cover his tracks by setting fire to his victim’s bungalow.

It is one of the most horrible things you can imagine anyone having to go through. But Chris McGlade, who has been a stand-up for over 25 years, has made his father’s life and death the focus of his new comedy show ‘Forgiveness’.

Ahead of the show’s run at the Leicester Square Theatre at the end of February, Chris spoke to us openly about finding jokes in even the darkest things in life, and how his father’s sense of humour inspires his comedy.

Chris McGlade’s show, Forgiveness, runs at the Soho Theatre February 26th-29th.