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17th Jun 2018

Adnan Januzaj responds to *that* horror tackle from Kevin de Bruyne

Wayne Farry

“That’s part of the intensity of a training”

By now you’ll be aware of the incident in question. It involved Adnan Januzaj and Kevin de Bruyne taking part in a Belgium training session, with Januzaj in possession and De Bruyne playing on the opposite team.

As Januzaj looks to cut in from the right wing, De Bruyne can be seen simply taking him out of it. No holds barred. It was brutal. What followed was even more eyebrow-raising, as the Manchester City star simply jogged away without a single concern for his compatriot.

In the aftermath of the tackle, people understandably assumed that De Bruyne must have some kind of an issue with Januzaj, aside from the fact that he used to play for Manchester United, but in an interview today Januzaj has said that he is not bothered at all.

In the interview at an official World Cup press conference, the Real Sociedad player told media:

“That did not bother me at all, because that’s part of the intensity of a training.”

“You should not find out anything about that. That’s part of the intensity of training, no more than normal.

“I’m just a dribbler and Kevin just wanted to take the ball away and after his tackle I wanted to recapture the ball as quickly as possible, we’re here at a World Cup and then the intensity is just very high.”

So, that’s that. It’s simply intense training within a team. Pretty sure everyone will believe that.