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22nd Jan 2016

Tinder has finally introduced a feature for users scared about catching STIs

But there's still a long way to go...

Ben Kenyon

Tinder is the app where millions of busy people go to find ‘the one’.

But for anyone not looking for the old marriage, kids and happily-ever-after gig, it’s a quick (and ruthlessly efficient) way to find ‘the one, right now’.

For anyone using it as a sex hook up, however, there’s always the perennial worry about catching something nasty.

Sadly not many people share what STIs they’ve currently got on their Tinder profile, so if you’re not wrapping up, you’re gambling with your health.

But now, finally, Tinder have introduced a feature that will hopefully ensure more people get it on in a safe, healthy and hopefully STI-free way.

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There is a brand new section of their website dedicated to promoting safe sex – and there’s some sound advice on there.

“An important aspect of any healthy relationship – whether formed on Tinder or otherwise – is ensuring proper sexual health and safety,” the site reads.

It also included a locator tool for the nearest sexual health clinic for anyone who needs to get tested.

The only bad news is the locator tool doesn’t yet cover the UK. However, our dear old NHS do have a similar tool to check the nearest STI clinic if you’re in post-coital panic mode.

Hopefully one day soon all this will be in-app so the information is at the swipe of a finger.

Until then, play it safe out there, kids.