Updating your iPhone will give you one major benefit 5 years ago

Updating your iPhone will give you one major benefit

Take note...

Earlier this week, Apple finally finished their beta testing malarky and released iOS 10.3 for users.


Users who have updated to the new iOS 10.3 system have noticed that, since they updated, their device has freed up a lot more memory for them.

According to 9t05mac, the new Apple File System (APFS) in the update replaces the now 30-year-old HFS file system that has been a staple of Apple's products.

After 30 years, it was probably time for an upgrade, and while the day-to day change for users may seem minimal, the new file system optimises the space on your device.


This means, hallelujah, that your iPhone can seemingly store more data and there's been a noticeable freeing up of memory on devices. This is down to how APFS calculates available and used data.


A word of warning for users. Once you update your phone to iOS 10.3 and your file system is upgraded to APFS, you will not be able to roll back without wiping your phone and reinstalling an older iOS build.

This is significant because if something does go wrong and you want to go back to an older version, all your files will have been converted to APFS and you won't be able to recover your data.


To ensure that this doesn't happen to you, make sure to back up all your data before you update. This can be done in iCloud settings or in iTunes.