The funniest memes to come out of the Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp crash 7 months ago

The funniest memes to come out of the Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp crash

In times of anguish, we meme!

When Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp all crashed on Monday (October 4) night the world plunged into chaos, with many people flooding to other platforms to share their thoughts and witty takes.


Here's some of the best:

Everyone's worst fear is Facebook becoming sentient.


You know full well he wasn't fixing it, he was crying in his office.


Understatement of the century.

Oh the good old days!


If you haven't watched Squid Game yet then skip the next two memes and go and watch it now.


Me without being able to watch random Facebook videos until I pass out.

Mr Bean has always been the perfect meme. More like Mr Meme, right? Right? Hello?

What's a radio?

Brand interactions are the Marmite of the internet - either you love them or hate them.

No Instagram, don't show your face.

Even Twitter gets starstruck.

Amnesty International jump in with a gentle reminder.

In similar news, Mark Zuckerberg's net worth took a dramatic dive after the collapse of his internet empire. Though the platforms were down for only seven hours, Zuckerberg took a $7billion hit along with his already diminished reputation dropping even further. That's a swift billion an hour.

During the chaos invoked by all of their platforms going BRB at once, Facebook stockholders began selling, selling, selling, fearing a total company collapse.

These seven hours were enough to shunt Zuckerberg down the wealthiest person list too, where he now sits below Bill Gates at number five.

Facebook has yet to respond with an explanation of the crash but experts believe it was an issue with the DNS which essentially meant that Facebook and all its platforms went puff. But it's fine, panic over, it's back now.

Please don't leave again...

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