Sky Glass: Everything you need to know about the all-in-one WiFi TV 7 months ago

Sky Glass: Everything you need to know about the all-in-one WiFi TV

You might want to add this to your Xmas list

Satellites are a thing of the past, says Sky, who is launching a new all-in-one service called 'Sky Glass' TV.


The revolutionary TV is technically a standard television, equipped with a 4K display, built-in Dolby Atmos, and purchasable in five different colours. The Glass will cost £13 a month and will launch on the market from October 18.


But this new tech doesn't require a satellite and instead works fully in conjunction with your WiFi.

The WiFi feature comes with all of the usual Sky programmings, but you are also able to pause and record whenever you like.


The TV itself is reportedly chunkier than most but does come in five unique colours - other than silver or grey. Pink and green are apparently amongst the signature colours, and with multiple customisation options, you can really make the TV work in any room.


With a 360 surround sound already built-in, there is no need for additional speaker systems.


Say goodbye to satellite installations because the Glass can be installed without any help from anyone outside your home.

The TV apparently takes just ten minutes to set up and needs only one cable to operate perfectly.


You can also say goodbye to countless cables and needing an electrician to install your TV, as with a small puck, you can simply plug and watch within moments.

The Price:

Though you can purchase the new TV's much like a phone contract, through monthly payments which start at £13 for the 43-incher, you can also purchase them outright. The 43-inch version will cost £649, all the way up to £1,048 for the 65-inch version.


But if shelling out that much money scares you this close to Christmas, then they also offer a swap feature where you can exchange your TV for the Glass system.

You might want to add this to your Christmas list before the run out of stock!

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