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15th Oct 2020

Yannick Bolasie trolls Liverpool fans ahead of Merseyside derby

Yannick Bolasie has engaged in a friendly war of words with Liverpool fans ahead of their Merseyside derby on Saturday lunchtime

Reuben Pinder

‘Two good seasons and you get hella talk’

Yannick Bolasie has engaged in a (friendly) war of words with Liverpool fans ahead of the Merseyside derby this weekend.

Bolasie has not played for Everton since 2018, and is now stuck on the fringes of the squad, without much hope of making an appearance in the Premier League this season under Carlo Ancelotti.

But ever the optimist, the former Crystal Palace winger is still in good spirits and is still engaging with fans on Twitter.

Speaking about the time in 2015 when Bolasie bamboozled Dejan Lovren with an iconic piece of skill, when he pretended to touch the ball with his hand before blitzing past the defender, Bolasie described it as “playground stuff.”

After a Liverpool fan quoted his tweet, asking Lovren how he could allow such embarrassment to pass, then clarified: “He just won a prem title and is a Champions League winner… think he’ll be fine.. I’ll spin anyone on the pitch but still have the upmost respect for them.”

The same Liverpool fan then responded implying he would struggle to do the same to Virgil Van Dijk, who is famously impossible to dribble past.

Bolasie then stirred the pot by responding: “Two good seasons and you get hella talk….allow it lol, you man just held 7 a couple weeks ago,” alluding to Liverpool’s 7-2 defeat to Aston Villa before the international break.

Liverpool fans did not appreciate this, you will be shocked to hear.

One Reds fan, apparently unaware of Bolasie’s history of scoring against Liverpool for Palace, asked: Who are you? I bet you’ve never played the game apart from on FIFA.”

Bolasie then stepped the banter up a notch, saying: “The guy who got a standing ovation in your stadium,” referring to the game at Anfield when he pulled off that piece of skill against Lovren. Coincidentally, it was also Steven Gerrard’s last ever game at Anfield.

Claiming to have received a standing ovation from the Liverpool fans that day might be a reach but he made his point.

Everton have not beaten Liverpool for ten years but if they manage to break that spell on Saturday, you can be sure Bolasie will be active on twitter afterwards.