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13th Jun 2017

Why would you *not* want to watch Kevin De Bruyne taking a Rabona to the face?


Simon Lloyd

Look, the football season is over.

It’s a difficult time for those of us who have to write stuff about the Beautiful Game. If we’re not banging on about transfers that will probably never happen or showing you images of rumoured soon-to-be-launched football kits, we’re pretending to get excited about international matches.

So, with all that in mind, please appreciate the fact that we’ve gone to the trouble of writing a story about Manchester City’s Kevin De Bruyne being hit in the face by a Rabona.

Along with Raheem Sterling and Leroy Sane, the Belgian international joined YouTuber Simon Minter – aka Miniminter – for a kick about in Abu Dhabi lately.

Posted to City’s Instagram and other social media pages, we see the former Chelsea player go in goal to face a penalty from Minter.

Electing to go with a Rabona, the spot kick thuds against the post, rebounding into an unsuspecting De Bruyne’s face – prompting laughter from his two teammates.

Like we said earlier, just appreciate the fact we’ve bothered to write this, yeah?