Why was the Carabao Cup draw at a Morrisons? 2 years ago

Why was the Carabao Cup draw at a Morrisons?

Who said the league cup didn't matter?

The league cup has always been the FA Cup's less popular cousin, that's just the hierarchy of football tournaments. It will always be that way. In recent years, the cup's first round draw has travelled to some weird and wonderful locations in an attempt to get it some media attention. And it's worked. This year, it was held at a Morrisons supermarket in Colindale, south London.


We sent our very own Kyle Picknell down to the store to find out exactly why Carabao were holding the draw at a supermarket, and to find out what exactly goes into Ray Parlour's big shop. Turns out he likes to shop on a full stomach to prevent impulse purchases. Very wise man is Ray.