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22nd Sep 2016

Whet your appetite for FIFA 17 by watching its brand new TV advert

One week to go

Simon Lloyd

FIFA 17 will be released in a matter of days.

You probably already knew that. If not, we’ve no idea where you’ve been for the last few weeks.

We’ve been providing you with regular updates about the new game’s many new features, one of which being the its all new story mode – The Journey – which we had the chance to play for a bit a few weeks back.

If you’re not familiar, the gist of it is that players are able to take charge of a young footballer named Alex Hunter, guiding him through his professional career. Although you can opt to play as the fictional footballer with any team, lots of the promotional stuff for the new game has shown Hunter as Manchester United’s number 29.

With precisely a week to go before the game’s UK launch, its latest advert also appears to show Hunter (although it doesn’t show his name) in a United shirt.

Beginning in the tunnel ahead of a meeting with Real Madrid, the #29 follows Anthony Martial on to the pitch. After that, there’s a good minute’s worth of footage showing him coming up against a number of high profile English and European teams, before closing with the message ‘Make Your Mark’.

Admittedly, we’ve got no idea why we get a glimpse of Eden Hazard and Marco Reus as pitch-side pundits, or what the hell those Manchester United fans are singing, but the advert still does enough to get us a little bit more excited about the new game.

Take a look.

FFL Promo Endboard (Full Date)