West Ham's kit launch involved one of the strangest raps we've ever seen 5 years ago

West Ham's kit launch involved one of the strangest raps we've ever seen

In this age of big-money TV deals and blockbuster new signings, it can be hard to capture attention with a simple kit launch.

In the past, we've shown you some of the highlights of launches gone by, but newly-minted Premier League clubs might now feel under pressure to step things up even further.


West Ham United have already unveiled their away kit - a retro number based loosely on the club's reverse strips of the 1980s glory days - but what of the traditional claret and blue number?

Well, if Twitter is to be believed, the club made their launch less about the kit itself and more about the glitz and glamour.

The launch featured a rap about a suit. At least that's what this - from rapper and comedian Chris Turner - seems to be.


A sample of the lyrics, for those interested:

"You say 'bad suit', I say your suggestion fail-ed/I know the suit that I'm wearing is tailored."


In terms of pronouncing words wrongly in order to fit a rhyme scheme, it's right up there with "I come from Jamaica/My name is John Barn-es/When I do my thing the crowd go bananas."

That's right, the Hammers don't have a monopoly on this kind of thing.

The response to the rap has been...well...


Still, whatever you think of the display, every club will have its critics regardless of what gets done away from the pitch.


If you want to see the full thing - and who are we to judge - it's here,ย around the 15-minute mark.