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23rd Jul 2015

West Ham caught out by sweary Maltese prankster

Tom Victor

A Maltese football fan has tricked West Ham and their fans into plastering foul-mouthed insults about a rival club all over the internet.

The Hammers are travelling to play Birkirkara in the Europa League, and fans have tagged themselves at the airport upon landing.

West Ham’s official Facebook account joined in, posting an entire album of photos from ‘Malta International Airport – Foxx Il-Furjana’.


But rather than a simple translation of the airport’s full name, ‘Foxx Il-Furjana’ means ‘F**k Floriana’ – an attack on the 25-time Maltese league champions.

It seems the tag was created by a Birkirkara fan, and has become so popular that the English club took it to be an official name.

Either that or West Ham just really hate Floriana too.

H/T RedCafe