Steven Gerrard and Robbie Keane absolutely schooled a team of 8-year-old kids 5 years ago

Steven Gerrard and Robbie Keane absolutely schooled a team of 8-year-old kids

What better way to boost your goal-scoring confidence than playing a load of kids?

LA Galaxy stars Steven Gerrard and Robbie Keane both found the net while showing a bunch of 30 eight-year-old kids how the pros do it.


Gerrard hasn't found the net since July 15 so it probably won't do his confidence any harm.

Robbie Keane finished up on 69 international goals but he continues to find the next for LA Galaxy. It matters not if he is up against Seattle Sounders or a squally bunch of eight-year-old Californians.

Keane does goals. That's his business.


Faced with 30 opponents and with only Steven Gerrard for company, Keane decided to hang up front and wait for the out ball. He would do the rest.

Sure, those kids had the numbers but Gerrard and Keane had the class. And class is BLOODY PERMANENT!

The brave duo never trailed to the horde of second graders and showed them how to win against the odds. Gerrard got the first goal but, after that, it was all Keane. The Galaxy men never trailed to the pups - they never countenanced it.

Locked at 2-2, deep in the second half, Keane got a decent ball from Gerrard but still had a chunk of work to do. No bother. He simply rolled up his sleeves.


Observe how he waits for a kid he humiliates to get back up before he can watch him chip the winner home.

Keano flick

BAM! That's what winning looks like.

Check out the entire tussle here.


Reminds us of the time those South Park kids took on the Detroit Red Wings.

Red Wings South Park

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