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11th Dec 2016

Watch the best flurries from one of the most entertaining fights of the year

Thank you gentlemen.

Darragh Murphy

What a war!

Fight fans will forever be indebted to both Cub Swanson and Doo Ho Choi as the featherweight striking specialists put on a show for the ages in front of a Toronto crowd that refused to sit down for the fifteen minutes of action on Saturday night.

Swanson claimed a unanimous decision after what is now being recognised as an undeniable Fight of the Year contender as both men took the other’s best shots but refused to quit.

The second round was the pick of the bunch as both men came close to finishing, with Swanson continuing to trod forward with winged shots, each and every one of which was gobbled up by Choi, who displayed an iron chin throughout.

Uppercuts, left hooks, cartwheel kicks, counter rights. It was a tornado of strikes that saw every limb flung in the direction of the opponent’s chin.

But both warriors stood firm, in spite of the below action.

Swanson is now three for three since losing to Max Holloway in April last year, while Choi’s defeat is his first reverse in four UFC bouts.

And the action certainly got the blood pumping among those who didn’t take the viewing pleasure for granted.

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